Body Pain Instant Clue of Imbalance

Body Pain Messages – No delay now between choice and direct consequence

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What my body pain is telling me
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I worked as a healing facilitator for decades. I don’t remember ever not understanding that the physical body was a geiger counter for spiritual wellbeing. I got it, that body pain or disease in the body was some kind of signal, alarm or pointer toward spiritual imbalance or healing.

However, I was also still in the paradigm of karma, and healing.

I believed in the karma wheel (though I never quite bought it like it was being taught to me) and I believed there were things that needed healing. Also, I believed the mind was important in the process, because I analyzed body pain and mental pain and emotional pain, looking for clues as to why I, or the person I was working with, was manifesting them.

Nowadays, I leave the mind as completely out of the equation as I can, as well as leaving karma to those who still want to run the wheel of that.

Nowadays, I am noticing an almost-instant reaction from my body, resulting from the most simple choice. If the choice is in alignment with my soul’s path and higher good, there is no pain. If the choice is out of alignment with my soul’s path and higher good, there is instant and intense pain.

John Lennon’s instant karma is more what’s getting me lately, than clearing past lives or any of that “work” I did for so long. So many of us are dropping off the karma wheel and embracing instant adjustment opportunities.

It’s a good thing and man, is it intense.

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