Hologram Phone Medicine Dream

When the hologram is so real, who is really here?
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Medicine Dream Packs a Consciousness Wallop
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I learn a lot from my dreamtime. Although all levels of the dreamscape can be fun and educational, I love it when I have what I call a Medicine Dream. It’s been quite a while since I had a dream I’d classify as a Medicine Dream and I was thrilled to have one of those early this morning.

It was a short dream. I was chatting with someone I have not seen in over a decade. We were talking on some kind of hologram phone, which allowed him to appear in front of me in 3-d clarity, just as if he were sitting across from me. There wasn’t any phone receiver either of us was holding but, somehow, I knew we had connected via this hologram phone.

I was marveling at how real he looked, I said you look just like you are really here. I reached out to touch his hand and my hand went straight thru. Then, as I was just noticing this, it came back out and I could feel his arm. I told him excitedly “I can feel your arm. I’m touching your arm and I can actually feel it. Do you feel me?” He didn’t feel me.

I was so thrilled anyway, even if he couldn’t feel me touching him because the sensation of touch was so real. I ran my hand down his arm and took his hand. Then, I went up and ruffled his hair. I said, can you feel me? He couldn’t.

I had the thought – “Wow, if it can be this real, how will I ever know who is really here?”

I wondered if we could go out to dinner. Would anyone else see him or only me, and would he know we were out to dinner?

This dream is splendid, just splendid and I’m savoring the unfolding of the meaing in my life and in my consciousness.

I almost typed “in my second level of consciousness”. Hmmmm.

So fun to have a dream like that. I’m grateful.

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