Third Eye Blockage Cleared

Soul Family Connections and Third Eye Clearing
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Spiritual Support from Other Realms

I woke this morning around 1 pm and had this clear space open up in front of my forehead, in the third eye chakra area.

This is significant because I’ve felt, for a very long time, like there was some kind of self-created wall there, preventing me from seeing my direction, designed to keep me where I was until I let everything and everyone go.

It was a very selective block, specifically designed for blocking spiritual direction. I know this because my third eye intuitive sensing in other areas of my life never suffered. It would only be when I would search for spiritual direction in terms of where to live.

A big clue that I kept missing was that I was usually searching out of desperation and a need to leave an untenable situation rather than because it was time and there was nothing to run from or toward.

I am so grateful for the mechanisms that kept the block in place until I had surrendered the mind, the memory and the many, many stories. I am so grateful to be able to “see” direction now.

I woke at 3 pm with Ashland, Oregon dancing in front of my forehead. Does that mean I’ll go to Ashland? Not necessarily. It means there is a vibration there that is in alignment with my path. It feels really good to be able to sense that so clearly now.

So what triggered this shift?

Best I can tell, it was a combination of reaching a state of deep, intense, intention-full and thorough spiritual surrender plus a conscious decision to reconnect with my Soul Planet family.

For me, that is the Arcturians. I reconnected via this link and that night, the opening occurred.

Thank me for surrendering; thank the Arcturians for their support.

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