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Wow, did I enjoy this email from Scaughdt, a Peace Pilgrim who is teaching workshops on living peacefully, compassion, gratitude and more. I encourage you to visit Scaughdt’s website for wonderful, inspirational and yet practical wisdoms. Here is one of Scaughdt’s post-workshop notes on gratitude. Thank you Scaughdt, for sharing your gifts so freely.

Pausing Peace-fully by Scaughdt

Pausing Peace-fully … To get beyond self-centered emotions and our normal, negative reactions to them, it is necessary to choose to briefly pause whenever these anxieties surface in our lives.

With every stimulus encountered, our neo-cortex (the brain center responsible for our ability to choose our responses to those stimuli) “switches on” a quarter of a second after our amygdala (the brain center generally responsible for self-preservative reactions to the same).

The former allows us be truly content regardless of our lives’ external circumstances, while the latter encourages us to react to those challenges with either hollow desire or paralyzing fear.

And yet, as conscious beings, we are each given the opportunity to pause whenever tempted with fear or anger or frustration and choose a different kind of response.

To do so, it helps to understand (and regularly re-member) that all of our suffering comes from faulty interpretations of the difficulties we encounter. As we always choose our reactions to such “crises”, and we can just as readily choose to see those situations as opportunities instead of as “problems”.

The easiest way to commence this re-programming process is to pause whenever you catch yourself either complaining about or criticizing anyone or anything.

There are no such things as “sweet sorrow”, “constructive fear” or “corrective guilt”. Contrary to popular opinion, voicing of disappointment is not “healthy”. Instead, pause and think of some way — any way at all — to be thankful for that person or thing or event.

If you persist in this practice, perfect Gratitude will become the norm in your life, and you will be regularly and powerfully know Peace.

Live compassion…
Inspire generosity…
Value service…
Empower peace…

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