Alcohol Withdrawal Suffering

Easing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms
Suggested for Helping Body Readjust from Addiction: Reiki Therapy

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
How to Help Your Body Release Alcohol Toxicity

Question on Healing:
I have been abusing alcohol. I am trying to quit. The withdrawal symptoms have gotten so terrible that I don’t know if I can stand it. I don’t want to resort to drugs to stop because I feel like that is just replacing one toxic ingredient with another one. I am not seeing a doctor either because I’m afraid they will make me go into a rehab center.

I need to keep working but the past few days, I have hardly left the house. Can you help with the symptoms of detoxing from alcohol?

Healing Facilitation Response:
Alcohol withdrawal can be fatal, particularly if the person has been abusing alcohol for a number of years.

If this is the case with your friend, I’d definitely suggest seeing a doctor and getting some liver function tests done as well as looking into at least a temporary stay in an alcohol rehab center.

I know you said you are not seeing a doctor but it might be wise to at least get some medical tests done and also, you could ask your doctor to refer a nutritionist. There’s a lot that can naturally be done to help the body stabilize during alcohol detox.

Nutritionally, if it were me in your position, I would add a good B-Complex immediately and in particular, extra Thiamine. Alcohol consumption depletes B-Vitamins in general and Thiamine, especially. Alcohol depletes magnesium too so taking natural calm can be helpful.

Antioxidants also very important since the breakdown of alcohol creates free radicals which then can affect immune function and the body’s ability to release the toxicity and restore balance during detoxing from alcohol.

Vitamin C is a wonderful antioxidant as well as just being a basic nutritional help to the body in healing. If it were me, and I were in your situation, I’d be taking a large dose of buffered Vitamin C. Buffered to avoid stomach irritation and help with detoxing from alcohol.

And I’d most definitely be on a strong probiotic formula. I personally use and can therefore recommend Sustenex.

So much of our immune function begins in the colon that keeping the digestive and eliminatory systems healthy is vital to healing. Not only will probiotics keep your immune system functioning at a higher level during healing, it will also help you retain more nutrition from the foods and supplements you take.

If medical testing indicates reduced liver function, and based on how severe that might be, you could also counsel with a nutritionist or natural health provider on whether or not a detox specifically targeted to cleanse the liver might be needed, and when.

Doing a cleanse when your body is in a weakened state may only make matters worse. Seek the help of someone who can guide you thru the steps of healing safely.

In addition, be sure you are drinking a lot of fresh, pure water and that you are getting adequate sleep. If withdrawal symptoms are keeping you awake, consider a natural sleep aid to help you rest until the symptoms abate.

Unlike prescription sleep aids which have side effects, natural remedies for better sleep are not addictive.

Emotional and Mental Components to Withdrawal:

Alcohol is not really the problem when a person is using alcohol to the point of considering themselves alcoholic. Almost always, there are preceding emotional or mental imbalances or struggles that have led to drinking more alcohol than is healthy for the body. This is one reason quitting is so tough.

There are physical withdrawal symptoms and, in addition to the challenge those pose, the emotional and mental withdrawal may be even worse.

The reasons a person begins abusing alcohol are no longer muted and covered up when a person stops drinking so they may surface, raw and demanding to be silenced once more with a drink or two or ten.

Regardless of whether you seek help through conventional means (by medical testing, prescription drugs like prometa and rehab centers) natural and nutritional supplementation, or some combination of those two approaches, neglecting the emotional and mental state is unwise.

Counseling is excellent, provided you can find a counselor with whom you feel safe and secure.

Energetic healing work may also be very beneficial as may therapeutic massage. In fact, weekly massage and healing facilitation sessions could help ease the body trauma or alcohol withdrawal as well as help you get more in touch with the mental and emotional reasons addiction occurred in your life.

Nature is a wonderful healing presence so getting out in nature, being quiet and still in nature, may provide a healing balm to the senses during the withdrawal process as well.

Meditation and joining a spiritually based prayer group may provide additional support for easing alcohol withdrawal symptoms and help you reconnect with your joyful purpose.

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