Acceleration Symptoms, Oct 2010

Spiritual Acceleration Symptoms – Hard to Articulate
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The Frequencies of the Times – Duality Faded

by Neva J. Howell

Update, 12/18/2014 I’m much more comfortable living outside the 3-d reality paradigm now than back in the illusion of 2010, when I was all but incapacitated by acceleration symptoms. Waves of the same physical challenges still wash over me; in fact, today, the eyes are affected in similar fashion as when I originally posted this. However, I AM much more stable in the vibration of it all now than I was that moment, captured in our “time”. Gratitude. Oh, and I’ve reclaimed so much of my dna from “story” that I look forward to reclaiming this moment too, this moment when I felt utterly unprepared for the shifts I found myself in the midst of at the time. Gratitude.

Physical symptoms – My eyes severely effected. Feeling as if I can’t see, or can’t see clearly. Can’t seem to see without straining and even then, the physical 3-d reality is making less and less sense to me. I have to remind myself, that’s a yellow line. You are supposed to stay on this side of that yellow line…are you on this side of that yellow line? And of course, I’m not, not really. I am only on this side of the yellow line as long as I am participating in 3-d reality. If I stop doing that, I don’t know where I am yet and that is scary.

Walking, I feel as if I’m walking in space. I can still see the 3-d reality around me but it is feeling less and less solid. It’s like one of those scenes in movies, where the characters are walking down a hall that’s glass on all sides and the audience can see they are way up like on the 50th story of a building…except I am the character and I can see that I’m in space, pretending to walk on solid things, interact with solid beings, eat solid food, etc.

Acutely unable to engage in story, to the point that I can’t even relate to any “past” event or involve myself with any potential future event. It takes all I have to stay present in one moment, this moment.

Absolutely seeing thru duality. Not playing that game any more and yet, it swirls around me like a mad hatter, furious that I won’t play with it any more.

Here I AM.