Diabetes Spiritual Factors

Diabetes from a Spiritual Perspective
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The Spiritual Implications of Diabetes

Question on Spiritual Healing: Why do people develop diabetes? I mean, what are the spiritual reasons?

Healing Facilitation Response:

(got this question after a visitor to my website read this page and was affected: the space between things. Personal info removed from this question prior to posting)to protect identity of the poster.

Healing Facilitation Response:

I have an entire section on the more physical side of managing diabetes so will just talk about some potential spiritual factors.

Spiritually, there may be many reasons a body would manifest the appearance of having diabetes. Remember, diabetes is just a name the medical profession gave a set of symptoms. It fixes the body in disease, rather than noticing that something is temporarily out of balance.

Since diabetes is a condition where the body cannot process sugars, I often see a link where a person cannot process sweetness in their life, usually because there has been more trauma than sweetness.

Another potential spiritual factor could be if whatever sweetness was there for a person, during childhood particularly, could not be trusted.

If sweet language or actions from close relatives or role models were usually a form of manipulation or there was pretense of some kind behind talk and deeds, this could lead to confusion on processing the sweet nature of life.

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