Seeing Light and Dark Energy

What does the energy around people mean?
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How to interpret your own energetic sensing
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Question on Spiritual Healing:

When I see people – (past and present) sometimes I see partial light around them – like a specific body part and that’s all, despite what they may say about themselves being spiritual beings. Sometimes I see the whole person in light, sometimes just nothing at all, then very obviously I see dark which scares the hell out of me with a few people. What am I seeing / feeling? I know when I see the whole person in light that is something truly special and pure, but the others?

Healing Facilitation Response:

Each person has their own way of viewing energy in the field around them. For some who can see energy, there are different shades of light or colors. It sounds to me like your “partial light” might be indicative of someone whose luminous egg is fractured.

Seeing dense energies can be frightening. I don’t see “dark but in cases of severe illness (whether spiritual or emotional) I see what often looks like a thick brown syrup-looking area. Not scary, but certainly unpleasant. For many years, whenever I would see this syrupy area in a body, my reaction was always “ewww” and I usually would even make a face. This felt to be outside the mind so I trusted it. At one point, for the work I was doing in the paradigm of “being a healer” it was an appropriate tool.

In other words, I didn’t just think, “ewww, that isn’t healthy”. I would instantly SENSE “ewww, that isn’t healthy” and I would know where to place my intent and focus for healing.

I will also often see a jagged energy, like lightning strikes, when an area is inflamed or there is chaos in the mind or emotions. My habitual reaction to that, in the role of “healer” was to start balancing it immediately. Now, I let it be and offer a supportive vibratory energy for the person who is in jagged energy, chaos or inflammation to shift themselves. Big difference. I may still facilitate balancing yet it is in response to their shifting, not an attempt to shift them that prompts the energy participation at that level.

Other times, I’ve literally seen inside the body, actually seen tissue that was scarred or red and irritated or that had cysts on it.

You have a starting point in your own way of seeing, in that you associate seeing a whole person in light, that means there is a high vibration of spiritual awareness present.

When you see partial light, you seem to say that you feel they are not as spiritual as they might say they are …. that could be accurate. Partial light could also mean that you are being shown an aspect of light as it relates to that part of the body. It could be a teaching for you.

Fear Attracts Fear:

Also, what you focus on, grows. Fear attracts what is fearful. Things that can be viewed as fearful exist right alongside the beauty and bliss potential.

We tend to see what we are looking for thru the lens of our experiences and interpretive past. This is an illusion we pull constantly into our present, if we are not aware.

If you were to tune in to that partial light, not trying to fix or change or do anything to it but simply appreciating it, the light might expand. At the same time, if you were to witness the dark energies, the areas where light does not appear to be, with the same compassion and non-judgment (in other words, releasing the “ewww” that I mentioned earlier).

If I were having this experience, I’d meditate on what body part is lit up and see if there’s a message for me in that.

Seeing Dark Energies:

As for seeing dark energy, I strongly encourage you to release any charge of fear around that. I had to do this early on because one of my strongest gifts is that I can see abuse in the field. I was abused as a child so this used to make my skin crawl and terrify me.

I see that less and less these days, not because it has ceased to exist but because my vibration is higher now. The more we raise our vibration by releasing out fears, shifting our consciousness out of suffering and pain paradigms, etc., the less these things are in our reality.

For those who want to hold those frequencies, there are others who will step in to facilitate whatever level of shift needs to occur. It has become less and less my work to be in that vibratory field.

In fact, it’s become less and less work, period. I am aware that there is a consciousness shift that can be instantaneous and absent of process or “work” and equally aware that, at one point in my own soul evolution, I had to do “the work”.

As long as we are afraid of them, they will be there in spades. Our fear creates resonance.

I’d encourage the release of all labels around this stuff. Labels like pure, truly special, dark, spiritual beings, etc.

For me, Now, it’s all just energy, energy I either resonate with and want in my field or energy I do not resonate with and shift out of the bandwidth of upon that realization. What is missing is the judgment around the decision to shift my vibration, and any sense of obligation to stay in it, for the benefit of someone else. I realize that it does not benefit anyone to stay in a lower vibration with them, though it may comfort their ego self and mine.

Everyone is where they need to be at a soul level, despite how it might look to me at any given time. This was part of releasing the ewww reaction and my own impulse to jump in and “do something” rather than holding Sacred Space where the other had the opportunity to shift themselves and take ownership of their shift.

Those who want to shift will begin to do so as they contact a higher bandwidth of information. That sort of shift happens without effort, work or processing and in those cases, I allow connection and facilitation because I know it will benefit them, and me.

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