Refining Compassionate Response Definition

Compassionate Detachment – Compassionate Response
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Releasing Attachment and the Duality of One / Separate
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I am living alone more than with others and have moved into a space of compassionate detachment with almost all living beings, realizing that my attachment to them included a need for them to fulfill something for me. I strive to allow all who love me to be completely free to be themselves and the best way I’ve found to do that is to release any attachment to their choices, decisions and life situations.

The irony is that I now feel more love for everyone than I did when I was attached to outcome in any situation with anyone else.

I’ve come to release words like “should” too. For me, should carries a vibration I no longer resonate with. For me, it’s simply that I want to align with what feels highest and best for myself, knowing that this will simultaneously …be highest and best for the illusory “others” around me.

Right now, in this now, what feels highest and best to me on all levels is to release the duality of one and separate. I look at my hand and know that each digit within it has it’s own abilities and gifts and participation in whatever the hand does. I don’t have to understand how each finger and the thumb works together for me to see the hand and fingers as one and as separate simultaneously. And yes, it makes my hair hurt sometimes, when the mind tries to understand it all.

I’ve had many life themes and caregiver was definitely one of them. Savior was another big theme I didn’t know I carried when I was growing up. Come to find out, the oldest typically falls into that self-assigned role. Today, the theme from The Wiz runs thru my head, easing on down the road, dropping loads, lightening up.

It has helped me to refine what compassionate response means. Now, in this now, I feel I am responding compassionately whenever I am able to completely release any judgment around what is helpful or necessary to another being at any time in their own evolution.

I used to think “man, I see where those actions and attitudes are heading and it will not be pretty. Wish I could tell them what to do to avoid _____ ( the blank meaning whatever the unpleasant looking path was revealing itself to me in the field of probability).”

Now, in this now, I feel most in alignment when I have no opinion at all about actions and potential I see in the field. If it isn’t opened up and receptive for me to address it, I assume it’s perfect for them at the time.

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