Ecuador Shifts Me at my Core

Would love to live in Eucador – Not
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Relaxing into being where I AM
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I’ve been searching for spiritual community. I’ve been searching for spiritual community for most of my adult life, and intensely searching for the past decade.

It was part of my search when I stumbled on a site about Ecuador.

I watched the video and thought “I would love to live in Ecuador.”

I read on the forums how wonderful it is to live in Ecuador. Then, I noticed a sentence which read “the only bad thing we have here is Correa.”

I thought correa might be a disease. Found out it is the president of Ecuador.

Also found out the president was attacked last month, September, 2010. And the military is in charge … and flights in or out were cancelled …. and there may be a coup.

And God said HA, as Julia Sweeney might say.

I feel something relax, at my core. At my very core, there is a letting go of this idea that there is somewhere else where I will be more happy, more peaceful, more at ease.

I accept that whatever I am doing and wherever I find myself in each moment must be where I AM meant to be; otherwise, I’d be somewhere else.

Two days later, a message from Abraham-Hicks echos the same realization:

“There is no place that I’m suppose to be that I am not.” Abraham-Hicks

I’ll add to that, the place where I AM must be the place I am supposed to be.

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