Releasing Stories About Who I AM

Oh, that’s a story too….
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Is it possible, or desirable, to live completely without story
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Like so many other spiritual folk awakening in this “time”, I heard about “story” in a unique way thru the teachings of Eckhart Tolle. The Power of Now opened a dialogue within aspects of myself and my life that continues.

Recently, I’ve asked myself a strong, soul-level question:

“What would life look like for me if I drop the stories that define who I believe I am?”

Of course, stories tied to events and timelines since I was born are easy to identify though not typically easy to drop.

However, I see now that the biggest stories that inform my life are beyond this timeline. For example, I believe my home planet to be Arcturus. I see that now as just another story. I see others telling stories of being Indigos, or Blue Rays, or Star People, or Rainbow People, or Crystals, or ET’s or Pleiadeans or Aquarians …. do these stories still have value?

One reason we seem to keep telling them is that it helps us identify with something, a vibration? A reality? A state of consciousness? Having a story helps us find others who are “like us”. In some cases, I have used story to feel special, and different so considering that whatever tale I was spinning was “just another story” felt threatening at first.

As I look at these scenarios from a different space now, I see them as more duality and separation. What does that mean?

If I am willing to completely drop the stories about who I AM, where I came from, why I’m here, what gifts I brought with me, etc. … What is left? Who is here? Who AM I?

Is it possible to live without any need to define my Self in any way at all?

I’m exploring the potential.

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