11:11 New Reality Transmission

11:11:11 transmission
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New Reality Transmission Feedback
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Like most of you reading this, I got an email asking me to participate at 11 pm on Nov. 11, 2010, to energize a gridline for transformation and change. I chose to support this transmission but also, for reasons I did not understand at the time, chose also not to publically add my name or set aside linear time to participate, exactly at 11 pm.

For 2 or 3 days leading up to 11:11 and the new reality transmission timeline, I became acutely aware of ELF waves at night. I notice these low frequency transmission get tremendously louder and more continual sometimes, and mostly when the solar flares are also higher.

For those unfamiliar with G.W.E.N. towers and ELF, please read my earlier posts on the subject. http://healthychoices.askahealer.com/2009/01/25/elf-frequencies/

On November 11, unlike so many have posted about feeling bliss and release and all these wonderful things, I felt like I might be in hell. I slept fitfully and though I felt better on November 12, it was around 10:30 am before I actually felt a lifting of some kind of massive interference pattern.

A few days, later, I remember how pervasive and invasive the ELF frequencies had been and I got an email from a friend saying the biggest solar flare explosion in a long time had happened November 9, the day I started feeling this interference pattern.

Here’s my theory: Those who want to keep the world as it is, meaning those in power, certainly do not want global experiments like the new reality transmission of 11:11 to succeed. Generating interference patterns would seem like something our military already probably knows how to do, given their confiscation of Tesla technology decades ago.

Just as gas station owners respond to any global email plan to boycot gas for a day by raising the price a few pennies before, those who want to stop the new earth and soul freedom on this planet from occurring may use the information that a concentrated threat to their power is happening at a specific time and day.

Therefore, I’d like to invite those who wish to try it to stagger your participation in global calls like The New Reality Transission, based on your own guidance, in any future global prayer events. Consider yourself a stealth bomber, flying under the radar.

>Since time is an illusion anyway, the participation may then be energetically aligned with global effort.

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