11:11 New Reality Transmission Dreams

The New Reality Transmission Reports Keep Coming In
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Were you part of something wonderful on November 11, 2010?
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

An email campaign went out a while back. Perhaps you got an email about something called the New Reality Transmission and perhaps you never got that email. In any case, I’m finding out that it may not matter whether you actively participated in this mass global meditation and calling forth of the new earth. You may have been part of it anyway!

The idea was that participants would all be in a concentrated 11 minute meditation on November 11, at 11 pm, an important astrological window for transformation.

When I receive invitations like this, rather than sign up on the website I commit my energy to whatever feels right for me to support and let my soul decide when I participate and how. I’m sort of a renegade that way, riding on the fringes of these sorts of global prayers and shift meditations.

I wrote about my initial experience with the 11:11 New Reality Transmission here, although I’m noticing it continues to shift and stabilize since then.

Which reminds me, I’m hearing from folks who say nothing happened for them on November 11, even though they dedicated the 11 minutes and meditated. It’s easy to fall into confusion or spiritual doubt when our experience does not match what others experience or what the belief system around an idea says should happen.

For me, I realize that any massive consciousness shift may need to happen in shifts, staggered for safe stabilization. I believe that any sincere and spiritually aware person who participated in establishing the new consciousness gridline, fulfilled a vital role unique to the planet’s needs.

Whatever any individual felt or didn’t feel afterwards is not necessarily a reflection on how effectively they participated.

Unconscious Connection to 11:11 Gridline:
I was having breakfast with a friend I reconnected with on facebook. I had not seen this friend in about 10 years so we had a lot of catching up to do. We talked about many, many things and, somewhere in the conversation, he remembered a dream he’d had recently.

As he began to tell me this dream, I felt so energized and joyful. I asked him if, by any chance, he had this dream on November 11. He said he didn’t know and quickly checked his iphone. Apparently, he made reference to it. Yes, he said, it was November 11. Why, he asked?

Turns out, my friend did not know anything about the 11:11 New Reality Transmission at all. Here’s the dream he had. I feel the vibrational frequency of it is transformative and can assist those who tap into the energy field of these words, in stabilizing a new level of abundance for all.

My friend was was standing and watching the stock market graph. Other people were watching all over the world. The graph started to go up rapidly and people started asking “What’s going on”.

Then, the graph shot through the ceiling and there was this light as if the graph had gone into infinity.

When this happened, everyone cheered and he said the cheering felt the way you might feel at a football game, at that moment when your team wins. It seemed to be people all over the world, cheering.

The following, a direct quote:

“The sense of ‘winning’ and euphoria shared by all was such a tremendous feeling (both physically and visually) of light and energy, that when the graph disappeared, and touched infinity, that everyone connected to this feeling shared this same sense of connection to the infinite, the light.

At that point, it transcended a comparison to anything I have known in this life, and this world. I have to say that each time i remember the dream, the feeling and sensation come back …. pure elation and joy! Very powerful stuff.”

Many thanks to my friend for allowing me to share this potent dreamtime gift.

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