Breaking Soul-Level Contracts

Breaking and Renegotiating Soul-Level ContractsSuggested Reading: Healing Childhood Abandonment

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Starting with a Clean Slate at a Soul Level
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I remember being in a contract breaking seminar about 3 or 4 years ago and being guided in a meditation designed to help identify soul contracts that the participants had made before coming in that might not still be serving the person. Many people have the idea that whatever you agreed to before you were born into your current incarnation is kind of written in stone and this workshop expanded my view of soul level contracts so much that I didn’t pick and choose soul contracts to break.

Sitting there in the meditation, I instantly decided to break EVERY soul contract I ever made, thru all time and space, with anyone, EVER. Nothing once agreed upon still applied once I reached a certain level. After that, it’s just been a matter of renegotiation.

For those I chose to keep in my life, I had to look at what was involved. Just because I broke the contract didn’t mean they did. I would notice expectations still in tact for them, from old contracts. For a good while, there were times when I did renegotiate terms, as a way of gentleness and compassion for an easier shift and I still do that whenever it is necessary and right for me to do it.

Oh goodness, I went through so many levels of releasing specific contracts. More often than not, the release didn’t take the first time, ha. I’d find myself saying oh, lord, not this again. For me, the tide turned when I terminated all contracts and was able to achieve some sort of consistent awareness around the choice. Each of us walks out path in the way that is blessed and best for us.

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