Do you believe in God?

Believing in God vs Knowing God Is
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A Question About God
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Spiritual Healing Question: Do you believe in God? I do not believe in God but I believe in the spiritual world, past lives and so on. I think that everything in this world is energy.

Healing Facilitation Response:

I sense an intelligence, a bigger than all and encompassing all energy, that I trust as divine.

The question was “Do you BELIEVE in God” and, technically, I’d have to say I believe rather than I know there is a God because there is no scientific, tangible proof. However, at my core it is not a belief in God, it is a knowing.

After feeling into this question a bit more deeply, I see that the word “God” is typically loaded with experiences of what God means. In my own case, I grew up with a very fundamental Christianity view of God. Others may have been raised in Jewish, Buddhist, Wicca, Islamic or other faiths and have an inherited view of God.

My own inherited view of who God was and how God worked in the world never fit my own sensing into this idea of God. It felt like a jacket two sizes too small when I really just wanted to live somewhere warm where a jacket wasn’t needed at all.

This is literal too, I want to physically live somewhere warm too. Since I see the body as a diagnostic tool to evaluate spiritual wellness, I suspect my physical desires for living space tell me something about my spiritual desires for living in space and time here on earth.

In any case, when I say I believe in God, I’m saying I sense the reality of Divine Energy on the planet, thru the planet, immersing all and everyone. Further than that, I do not travel into explaining or defending.

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