Psychic Suggests Tarot for Developing Gifts

How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities
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Is Tarot the Right Way to Develop Your Gifts?
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Spiritual Healing Question:
I have been told that i am sensitive and emphatic person and i know that i am different and i am very interested in the spiritual world but i do not know why.

I searched a tarot card reader who told me that I am empathic and this is where your own sensitivity and unique style comes from… and more. I believed this reader:) then i asked the psychic how to develop it and the reader told me the first thing that is good is to work on the tarot cards to open my gift naturally.

All was right in this letter seemed until then when I was told that I must learn tarot. I had a weird feeling in my stomach, I do not know what that means but I felt that something was wrong and I searched a new fortune-teller. It was expensive and this one did not put the tarot cards. I think this person was very gifted psychic. This one said that I need to take metaphysical classes to evolve my spirit. (I need to perfect it)

know, I can read people pretty good and their feelings. Not always, I have constantly weird feelings but I do not know how to explain them and what they mean. I have a lot of negative thoughts in my head and I can not get them out of my head. Now it is a bit better when I talked to the psychic, however, it is a problem.

I have more instances, when i get weird feeling in my stomach and some time later is calling someone with bad or good news. Feelings are different but I do not know how to explain these feelings. Sometimes when I am thinking about someone, some time later, he call me.

There are times where I thought I am crazy but now I think otherwise. I did a ESP test and I received almost maximum points.

How can I develop it further or what to do? Maybe I can explain my feelings with tarot cards? I hope you can explain me this kind of things a bit, I need some help with it. I hope that everything is understandable because my English is not very good.

Healing Facilitation Response:

If you feel uneasy about tarot, I would trust your instincts. That’s one of the first things to develop is self-trust of that initial, almost instant reaction you have to something. As you grow you’ll figure out more and more about what different instant reactions mean but first, I’d work on trusting them without having to know why for now.

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