The Craving for Things

The Thing’s The Thing

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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted
The Craving for Things
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

Christmas is a really good time for noticing how things may have become a craving in my life. While I released myself from a lot of the outer structure of Christmas, I still bought presents for the children in my family because I knew things would be missing from their experience if I did not do that. Things were important to them so giving things was important for me.

I watched folks buying things in all the stores and malls. I felt the energy of those who were buying things they really did not have money to pay for, putting them on credit cards – felt the weight of that.

When did our preoccupation with getting more and more things start?

Was it the first time someone looked at some thing and said “I want” or “Mine”?

The only difference between the me that is asking these questions and the me that used to buy things all year long for Christmas, is that what I crave has changed. Now, I crave really good food, the latest health supplement, emerging quantum technology gadgets.

How could I get back to the space between things, out of which all that I truly need and all that is truly for me appears effortlessly … that space the bible speaks of where, before I even ask, what is most useful appears?

Maybe it starts with looking at some thing and saying “there is enough for all”.”.

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