Cellular Deconstruction and Reconfiguration

Cellular Deconstruction and Reconfiguration in a Lowes Parking Lot
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Blinking, Waiting, Nothing on the Screen of Awareness

Cellular deconstruction and reconfiguration was not a process I associate with shopping until the day I stood in a Lowes Parking lot and couldn’t find where my body was in relation to anything else I saw.

Walking out of the store, legs working fine and direction known, I suddenly stopped. For a bizarre and initially frightening moment, I could not remember who I was in relation to anything around me, including my sister who was with me at the time.

This moment reminded me of Jill Bolte Taylor talking about when she had her stroke, the stroke that shut down her left, analytical brain. Jill talked about standing in the shower and suddenly being unable to tell which was the shower wall and which was her body leaning against the shower wall. Things got very indiferentialed and she said she felt only varying degrees of energy rather than the 3-d solidity we are all used to feeling, that tells us something is separate from ourselves.

My mind, while my body was (I suppose) still standing in the Lowes parking lot, became like the curser on a computer, blinking, waiting, nothing on the screen of awareness at all.

Ever since then, the left brain aspect of my own brain has been mainly concerned with keeping me upright, telling me when to eat, when to avoid another car on the road, etc.

As I type these words, I have no left brain awareness of thinking what to type. I am also not evaluating what I am typing consciously although I notice my hands going back to replace typos and more appropriate words at times.

It’s a new way of being with the mind.

Uncomfortable, yet so freeing.

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