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Creating a Balanced Energy Field for Yourself

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Do We Need Energetic Protection?
Copyright, Neva J. Howell

I’m often asked if spiritually awake and aware beings need spiritual protection, usually in the context of facilitation of healing frequencies in a healing session. The answer I usually give is yes, and no, depending on the state of consciousness. Most of us needed a hand when we were learning to walk and training wheels when we got our first bike.

I also have become acutely aware of the question in regard to just living on Mother Earth, amidst the vibrational frequencies that emanate thru the air via EMF waves, ELF waves and other chaotic energy patterns that are the result of technology such as the GWEN Towers (see map) beginning to dot the U.S. every 250 miles or so.

Do we need energetic protection from our environment? I’d still say yes, and no. There may be those among us who have mastered the skill of staying above the bandwidth of discordant vibrational fields. Personally, I still benefit from my Q-Link and orgone generators and other tools for creating vibrational stability in my immediate field.

I don’t consider these tools protection as much as supplements or nutrition. Just as my body functions best with healthy foods, it also functions best within an energetic field that is vibrationally clear and resonant with good health. Additionally, such a field feeds my Spirit.

Orgone cones are easy to use and, if desired, you could make your own rather than ordering the beautiful orgone cones carried at the store. Check youtube for demonstrations.

Orgonite products, such as the orgone chi stones, pyramids and cones are based on the work of Wilhelm Reich, the scientist who coined the term “orgone”.

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