How to find a spiritual teacher

How do you connect appropriately with Medicine Workers and Teachers?
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Spiritual Wellness Question:
Regarding medicine women, do you have any suggestions about how to connect with someone appropriate? I have just moved, so I am in the process of exploring a new place.

Spiritual Wellness Response:
If it were me, and I were seeking a teacher of indigenous ways, I would send an energetic signal of intent into the universe. That is as simple as saying, stating that you are open to connecting with a teacher and then releasing that as a prayer without attachment as to when or where or how that occurs.

God will begin immediately to align situations with your desire and if you notice what then appears in your field, it will help lead you to the teacher with your information.

On a practical level, use the internet to explore your area specifically, searching for spiritual events. Put yourself in places where the spiritual gather in your new living area while broadcasting your surrendered intent and noticing who comes into your field.

With indigenous Medicine Women, in particular, please research and find out if there is a certain protocol to be followed in asking to be their student. You may do this by researching the tribe on the internet or by asking another of the teacher’s students, by observing the teacher in workshops etc and noting how others address and extend requests, etc.

In some tribes, it is appropriate to offer tobacco, sage or other offering when asking to be taught by the Medicine Man or Woman.

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