Money and Creativity

The Money Thing at a New Level
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Money, Money, Money, Funny!
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I’ve been experiencing the gridlines of lack, abundance and money a new way recently and it’s been fun … and challenging.

Specifically, as I begin to explore creative projects (projects that could bring more abundance my way thru doing what I love) I notice something very specific happen to the flow, as I choose reactions to money.

When I am in the creative mode and thinking of what is desirable to have, to complete a creative project, I find myself just coming upon the things that are required at unbelievable prices or free.

However, the very moment I notice the price of the something and have a contraction reaction to that – thoughts like “oh, that’s expensive” or “oh, I can’t afford that” or any other reaction that is coming from lack consciousness, the creative project immediately begins to stall, tailspin or go into chaos creation vibration.

Learning how to trust that all I desire to respond to creative impulses is available with grace and ease, despite whatever price tag may seem to be attached at any particular moment.

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