Cosmic Hospital Trips

Cosmic Hospital Trip – Spiritual Transformation Coping Tool
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Excerpts from a recent counseling session on our new reality matrix:

These are challenging times for anyone who is awake and any level of clearing may occur at any time, I’ve noticed. Sometimes it is physical, sometimes emotional, sometimes financial, sometimes mental, etc.

I’ve had a lot of mental and emotional emergency trips to the cosmic hospital lately, so to speak. Taking myself deliberately into a bigger and more cosmic embracing of my situation while, at the same time, remembering it’s all a hologram anyway.

The cosmic hospital is where I AM ok if the i am of me feels insane or sick. In other words, when the little me, the personality self that doesn’t see the big picture of things, freaks out and thinks the sky is falling, admission into the bandwidth of surrender (the cosmic hospital space) helps me be ok with with not feeling the I AM of me in the moment.

Reality is really very fluid around the edges now and everything I thought I “knew” has gone right out the metaphorical window. I’m actually learning to enjoy that newness of everything; however, at first it was very challenging because I like knowing, or at least thinking that I know. I like seeing the path and feeling that I have a handle on life.

I’ve also been releasing story around everything that happens, as much as I can and releasing the immediate need to know why. It helps me to just assume it’s all good. I still pay attention to signals and signs but I stop short of analyzing them now. I make a note of it and move on; I find what is useful for me comes back around into my conscious awareness at the appropriate time and the message of a past adjustment is clear.

Loving my body, nourishing and caring for it, also important. Noticing the signs of imbalance as quickly as possible and taking corrective, self-nurturing action. For example, getting out in nature and walking or meditating or going to a movie or eating something I really like or going to bed early and taking a natural sleep aid for some deep, restful sleep.

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