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The Need to Know Why / Fearing of Thunderstorms

by Neva J. Howell

The following is a question asked by a reader of my blog or website. My response follows.

Spiritual Facilitation Question:

My whole problem seems to be fear at the moment. I am working at it.. or rather working at trying to accept that it is just fear and as you said, it isn’t easy. I wonder if you have any thoughts on why my biggest fear at the moment is thunderstorms? I have always been frightened of them, but it is so heightened currently. I know that we often simply hook all fears into one area, but finding out why, is another matter!

Healing Facilitation Response:

Oh, yes, the need to know why. Why? Why is this happening? Why, why, why?

I could go into Native American teachings about the thunder beings, go into childhood frequencies for triggers, look for emotional or mental attachments to emotions associated with the energies of a thunderstorm, even suggest exploring physical conditions that might impact a body when in negative ion fields, etc. I no longer feel that is particularly useful unless memories or teachings surface spontaneously. Anything I have to look for probably doesn’t matter anyway.

I struggled with that one for decades before realizing that, in many cases, it simply didn’t matter why. When it did matter, the answer did not come through analyzing or thinking about it; it came as a result of accepting what was and allowing for a shift in timely alignment with my Self. I mentioned the cosmic hospital before ….

What I’m calling the cosmic hospital is that space in vibrational awareness where the I AM of me is ok with the little me freaking out; where the little me that is afraid knows that it is in the care of the I AM at the moment. I arrive there in the ambulance of surrender when I decide that something bigger than the little me that is freaking out, best handles fear.

Perhaps a trip to the cosmic hospital might be in order for you as well.

What’s in a Word?

It’s not just semantics for me, by the way …
The paragraph above is a prayer.

The words are vibrationally potent for me because of intent and energetized with the vibrational frequency behind words like “surrender”, “accepting what is” and “cosmic hospital”.

Thinking this way, speaking this way about whatever the little me is fearing, helps me to release stress and tension around the fear. As I surrender control in the physical, my body relaxes and my dna functions more the way it was designed to function – as a signaling and monitoring and balancing device receiving signal from God.

I believe our choices create the morphic field within which our experience play out and changing the morphic field, or energetic reality, with our intention involves choice at the mastery level.

Often, stepping into mastery by choice leads to the unveiling of information – I may indeed receive new understanding about whatever I fear. Other times, and most often, understanding and knowing why is not necessary.

The mind wants to know why. I find that to be a distraction to reaching the vibrational frequency of transformative shift / healing, in most cases.

The mind is stubborn and will not let go of wanting to know why; the heart, when we shift into that space, does not care why. the heart just remembers who we are and guides us back to that vibrational truth.

How to operate from the heart and not the mind? When in fear, (perhaps in the midst of a thunderstorm) begin to practice stopping the mind. Begin to practice deliberately focusing on breath; deepening breath tells the body it’s safe over time.

Notice tension in the body and stretch, tense and relax, walk. Move the body to move the body, not to release the tension. The goal is movement, not release. The release will happen when the body is relaxed, the mind is stopped and the body feels safe.

Most important in stopping the mind is stopping the need to fix what we feel or change it. Accepting “i am afraid of this and I AM remembering who i am in this fear.” is a good affirmation if said without expectation. It changes or it doesn’t immediately shift. No matter. You keep remembering who you are in it.

I’d suggest getting one of those relaxing tapes with thunderstorms on it and setting aside deliberately focused time for listening. While listening, I’d be paying attention to breath and body tension and I would stop every thought about that the mind attempts to interject, even if it feels like the answer. Well, especially then. That’s the mind wanting to fix something mentally when the heart would allow acceptance of what is as a way of integration and true healing.

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