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Simon Cowell’s Response to No

by Neva J. Howell

I watched a bit of Oprah’s Master Class with Simon Cowell last night and he was talking about how horrible the pitch meetings were here in U.S.

He and team were trying to get someone to pick up American Idol and assumed it would be easy because of U.K. success.

I loved how Simon handled the appearance of repeated rejection at these meetings.

Simon said the studio guy said “no” about 10 seconds into the pitch. Simon said something to the tune of “So, I take it you are interested” and kept talking as if yes had been the response.

This happened about three times before the studio bigwig said “get out” and Simon said, on the way out the door, something upbeat like “Well, then, just get back to us later.” or something light and positive.

Although Simon shared that these meetings were just dreadful, there was something in him that never took the repeated rejections to heart. He never really heard the no.

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