Tom Petty Vibrational Frequency

Spiritually Activated by Music – The Tom Petty Vibe
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by Neva J. Howell

It’s time to wake up …
Quotes from Wildflowers cd are the
copywritten lyrics of Tom Petty

Have you ever noticed that you seem drawn to certain songs or certain artists during important times in your life? Sometimes, a single song plays in my head for weeks. Usually, this happens when some big change is afoot.

I remember singing that song, I Can’t Make You Love Me, for at least 2 weeks before finding out that my spiritual marriage of 7 years was over. Some part of me knew it was coming and I believe I sang that song to myself, to help me prepare.

Another time, I sang that Life is a Highway song, in fact rode that all day long. At that time in my life, I was literally paving new roads of experience for myself.

This past week or two, I’ve been having a definite and almost supernatural Tom Petty experience. Now, I’m not saying anything about Tom’s lifestyle cause I don’t know him personally …. however, he did write that song about Mary Jane and more than one of his songs refers to getting high ….

All I know is that, when I listen to Tom Petty music lately, the bonds of the third dimension start to loosen, a lot. Those bonds have never been super-tight for me anyway so the wiggle room for loosening and still being able to be here is a bit thin.

It has felt dangerous.

“What lies ahead, I have no way of knowing”

Sometimes, driving down the road, I almost forget that it’s real. Or rather, I become more aware that it is not real. Listening to Tom’s voice, and riding the music, I am in a space of not caring; of knowing that there isn’t much here worth getting upset about, if anything.

One of the reasons I’ve avoided the use of any type of spiritual alterative (ie recreational drug or spiritual plant medicine) is that I feared total loss of connection with the third dimension. I know this isn’t real in the realest sense of that word but I figure if I’m not going to experience being here, why physically be here, you know? So, why is my soul guiding me to deliberately deluge myself with the frequency of non-local reality now?

Finding that balance between totally spacing out and being grounded enough to function has been a practice lately. I’ve made myself listen to Tom Petty every day. I love his music … and … it’s hard to listen to and care about much. This is nice relief for someone who has tended to care about too much that doesn’t matter or that lies outside one’s personal control.

Even the most down song in his repertoire ends up feeling uplifting and powerfully positive … only Tom Petty can sing about how he could “keep crawling back” and trigger in me all those feelings of being in that position while simultaneously helping me release the pain of relationships where I might have done just that, kept crawling back.

“It’s wake up time
Time to open up your eyes
and rise
and shine.”

I ponder why this particular vibrational frequency, this Tom Petty (“good to get high and never come down”) vibration is so huge in my field right now. What’s coming in my life? I’m curious and excited and it feels dangerous too. It feels dangerous.

And … as Tom says ….

“most things I worry about,
never happen anyway.”

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