Getting Un-grounded

Letting Go of the Need to be Grounded
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

How many times have I practiced grounding….too many to count.

I used to visualize roots growing down from the chakras in the soles of my feet, deep into the earth, farther and farther down til I felt a sensation as the roots hit center, core, Mother’s womb.

I used to continually encourage folks to ground, and taught people how to ground, always referring to the energies of the earth as a perfect way to do that.

Now….the opposite is happening.

If we really are in fast flowing river times, as the prophets have said, grounding starts to feel like something that is no longer so useful to me.

I think I’ve been preparing for this shift for a while now and am now beginning to understand why the Tom Petty Vibration has been so prominent in my life for weeks now.

The Earth doesn’t need me
I don’t need the Earth

Love the Earth? Yes, I do.
Care about quality of life here? Yes, I do.

And you know what they say about love…

If you love something, set it free.

In a way that I can’t really articulate yet, I am setting Earth free. I am setting myself free from earth, from the perceived reality of the third dimension that has run the world.

The I AM of me is only in that place of all potential with regard to my life, when the little me lets go of all it thinks it needs. The earth itself has been something I’ve held a little too close.

The appearance of destruction is all around. Fukushima, fracking damage, GMO’s. It’s sometimes hard to remember that God has a plan. The Universal Life Force on this planet is alive and well. The planet may stay or go but what we are, the I AM of us, is eternal.

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