Third Eye Area Spiritual Acceleration Challenge

Recurring Third Eye Challenge

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by Neva J. Howell
Feel like there’s a wall in front of your third eye?

… Or a steel plate?

I’m referring to a recurring spiritual acceleration symptom I’ve dealt with off and on since at least the early 90’s. I notice it when I am attempting to “see” into the future, or get a sense of direction based on energies.

When this spiritual acceleration symptom occurs, it literally feels as if there is a wall or some sort of physically placed blockage just in front of my third eye area. This is an internal sensation. In other words, I don’t feel as if there is a wall or block outside the body; it feels as if it is between the pineal gland and the skin covering the area of my third eye chakra.

What makes this wall or consciousness steel plate descend and what makes it disappear are still somewhat of a mystery to me. I just had an experience with this phenomenon again last week. I would ly in bed at night, attempting to look at the energetic gridline of this or that idea or concept. The wall, steel plate, whatever, was there. Then, early this morning, Sunday of March 6, 2011, the blockage just cleared away and I felt such a strong sense of clarity and peace. I did not consciously do anything or engage in any particular spiritual practice to which I could attribute this shift. It just shifted and all was right with my world once more.

I’m just posting this in case anyone else is having this sort of symptom of a third eye blockage that feels like a wall or steel plate. I know at least one of my friends has experiences something quite similar. I welcome any insight and will also post any that may come my way concerning the consciousness steel plate sensation.

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