Taking Time to Pause

An exercise in mindful mindlessness
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by Neva J. Howell

Consciously Droppin’ the Ball
The Pause that Refreshes the soul

Guest article by Scaughdt
(excerpted from much longer article)

Juggling is dropping things…………in style” ~ unknown … except …. this guy never drops anything. What I loved about this video, sent to me by Scaughdt, a Peace Pilgrim I met a while back, is the relaxed state of this juggler. It is relaxing just to watch him and my mind, even though it wants to tense in anticipation of an accident, can only relax into mindless mindfulness.

Along with the video Scaughdt shared some delicious wisdom about taking time to pause and letting the perpetual to do list we all carry around in our heads just be there for a bit, without acting on it. Here’s more from Scaughdt about dropping the ball consciously…

In other words, everything is NOT going to get done to your satisfaction. Some things will have to be “dropped”. And it is OK for you to do the dropping Purpose-fully. It is OK to let the “to do” list sit for awhile and just BE — just consciously soak up the amazing Beauty that surrounds you in every moment of your life.

To get the full effect of what I’m talking about, you will have to do so right now — so go ahead,

1) stop what you are currently doing,

2) get up and go outside (or look out a window), and

3) take a deep breath while you let the Beauty of your Life soak in.

Stick to this conscious “Appreciation-break” for a few minutes, and remember to smile while doing so. (Of course, if you find yourself slipping into a deep Gratitude for simply being alive (like I do), the smile will come on its own.) And avoid worrying about your “to do” list — It’s still right there where you left it, and everything of any true importance will still get done when it needs to get done.

What is truly Important is that we regularly Appreciate our lives while they are flying by …
… because we will indeed never pass this way again!

Tips for juggling, dropping and taking the pause, from Scaughdt:
And as you then head back into your life, as you return to your juggling act, remember these two tips:

Tip #1: “The trick to juggling is determining which balls are made of rubber and which are made of glass.” ~ unknown

Tip #2: almost everything on your to do list is “made of rubber”, & every encounter with every human being you encounter is “made of glass”!

So, let’s remember to regularly pause, and then let’s remember to be CARE-full!

Scaughdt, out — Peace, in
Live compassion…
Inspire generosity…
Value service…
Empower peace…

Get more Peace Pilgrim wisdom at www.InspiringtheAltruisticMoment.com

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