Dressing Simple in Fast-Flowing River Times

I don’t do wardrobes anymore

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by Neva J. Howell

How many clothes do we need?

A couple of days ago, I counted my clothes.

I have 4 pairs of jeans, about 10 shirts, about a half dozen pairs of socks and undies, two pairs of shoes.

By choice.

Yesterday, I read a post by a friend on facebook. He said he didn’t have a wardrobe anymore. Neither do I. In fact, two pair of my jeans are so raggedy that I really will need to buy more soon, before they literally fall off me. What I’ve kept has been kept mainly for comfort, especially the shoes.

It seems to be a symptom of the spiritually accelerated times we live in, that clothing and outer signs of affluence matter less and less. In fast-flowing river times, when I have have decided to lighten the load for more fluid navigation of the waters, lugging a bunch of clothes with me feels very burdensome.

Traveling light these days and happy with that.

Update: December 20, 2013: Still traveling very light where clothes are concerned. However, I’ve noticed a shift in what I buy. I’m still about comfort … and … now, I’m also about color, style, vibrational fit. I like clothes that uplift me. I enjoy feeling good in my clothes, feeling vibrationally strong wearing them.

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