The Importance of Creative Flow

Fast-Flowing River Times Tip
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by Neva J. Howell

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These are fast-flowing river times. The times which spiritual prophecies spoke of long ago and now coming to pass. Everyone I know is either practicing the letting go and dropping into flow or the desperate grasping onto the old ways… Many fluctuate between the two, myself included.

Both options present challenge. Letting go and flowing into a new and as yet unseen Now has elements of terror, a feeling of being exposed and vulnerable, and a feeling that Life may be coming faster than one can possibly handle. On the other hand, resisting the fast-flowing river of life creates fire in the belly and pain in the body.

Hanging on to anything old or attempting to stay in one place of spiritual awareness and consciousness that once felt comfortable literally starts to feel as if it is ripping the body, mind and soul. This is an illusion and a very powerful one when walking in two worlds, apparent 3-d reality and higher realms.

One thing I’ve realized – where it was possible to slow down and grab a twig on the side of the bank before, grasping and attaching now is very near impossible. This river of transformation is Now unstoppable.

What has helped me, and amazingly so, is to simply find something creative to do. When I shift focus to painting, dancing, singing, creating of some kind, I relax more into the flow and am less apt to grasp at anything along the ride. If I had one tip for easing the challenge of this fast-flowing river time, that would be it. Get creative!

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