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Can you take Vitamin C in the shower? Well, sort of… Post on Alkaline Water Systems and other products for healthy water.
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by Neva J. Howell

Alkaline Water Ionizer System, Goodlife drinking bottles, Shower Green Vitamin C filters and more.

I love alkaline water. More precisely, my body loves it. I feel better and have less joint pain and digestive challenges when I include water with an alkaline ph in my diet.

>I was reading about the products Alkalux offers. Like most Advanced Water Purification and Ionization Sysems, the one offered by Alkalux is pricey. However, for those looking for a heavy-duty system, it might be a good time to check this one out because they are offering a 10 percent discount right now. See coupon at end of this post for details.

Their advanced water purification system comes in two colors, black or silver, and transform ordinary household tap water into chemical-free, clean water with an alkaline ph.

What turned me on about Alkalux was their unique, green living Vitamin C Shower Filter.

Imagine getting the healing properties of pure Vitamin C directly onto your skin with every shower. This green living filter also filters out chlorine and chloramines. In addition, I love that Alkalux added a tourmaline ceramic ball in the Vitamin C shower filter, to help create negative ions in the water that goes on your skin. Sounds like heaven to me!

On my “to get” list.

Also like their dual wall stainless steel personal water bottles. They call them Good Life Bottles. Some such personal water bottles may be made of material that leaches or is even toxic. These are made without toxic coatings.

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