Wonder-ing-ment on Misalignment

Awake and Aware in a Fluid Reality
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by Neva J. Howell

Aligning with New Awareness

Yesterday, I wrote about a moment of energetic misalignment and how I chose to ignore what I was sensing.

This morning, I’m grateful for acute spiritual awareness around my choices for this new day. Something about misalignment, a blessing, is that it brings attention to choices in a new way for me … and … I feel ready to skip the need for that sort of attention to be brought.

I feel ready to step into the awake, aware response of the moment in the moment and make choices from that place. Having typed this … just now … I feel my body release, relax and embrace this decision.

What does that spiritual adjustment look like in “real life”? What Rosalyn Bruyere once called “a wholesale change in consciousness”. I remember thinking, years ago, what does that even mean? Wholesale change in consciousness? That doesn’t even make sense to me.

I get it now, or at least I get what it means for me. When you buy wholesale, you buy in bulk at a lower cost (less stress, wear and tear on the body, mind and emotions) and you buy for the purpose of reselling or sharing at a higher cost (recalibration of energetic field to higher and more potent vibration).

I’m ready for an upgrade that covers many areas of my life at once (bulk upgrade) for the purpose of then presenting a higher frequency version of myself to the world, for joyful and expansive sharing and connection.

Thank you, body, for this amazing message! You are awesome! And thank you, Rosalyn Bruyere, for your enigmatic statement seeding this awareness.

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