Do you enjoy being a shaman?

The Shamanic Experience – Is it worth It?
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by Neva J. Howell

Spiritual Healing Question:

I have had a shamanic experience. Like yours probably too, I fell into it by accident, after experiencing a psychological crisis. I do not believe other people are supposed to go through this same sort of thing, even if they are looking to expand their mind with or without drugs, because it was just horrible and surely with our knowledge we are supposed to prevent it from happening again. I do believe it can only be interpreted as a calling to spread the word and mind of God. But sudden ego death is not pleasant! Do you enjoy having your mind in this altered state of consciousness permanently? Or is it something you’d much rather take back, like one’s innocence? Certainly if it’s already there, then you can use it to further God’s mission or ministry on Earth, or heal people … Do you enjoy being a shaman?

Healing Facilitation Response:

I do not call myself a shaman or consider myself a shaman. I am a person who has had shamanic experiences and utilized those experiences for spiritual expansion and transformation. For me to be what I’d call a true shaman, I’d have to be walking that experience since birth, raised up in it and taught from an early age how to live life as a practicing shaman.

My experiences were not accidental although the timing was typically a surprise to me. Nor were all the experiences traumatic, though several certainly were because I was attempting to hang on to a lie, a reality that was smaller than the Truth. That hurts the body, mind and emotional field.

I was deeply involved in a spiritual path of awakening and was consciously opening myself to wherever that decision took me as a soul. And yes, sudden shifts into the awareness that this world is truly the illusion and then attempting to still function in the illusion enough to play the game has been a challenge on every level.

Although I’d never take it back, there have been times when I wondered if I’d make it thru in tact, meaning with enough presence in 3-d reality to interact and share and enjoy being on earth again.

I can’t say I enjoy all shamanic excursions. I can say I enjoy being more aware, more awake and more spiritually connected to the fabric underpinning this third-dimensional stage we are all playing on at the moment. Thanks for your question.

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