Shamanism Questions

Questions about Shamanistic Experiences
Questions from someone who is having shamanistic experiences; more shamanism questions.

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by Neva J. Howell

Aftereffects of Shamanic Experiences / Questions about Shamanism

Please note: I do not consider myself a Shaman. I Am a being who has had shamanic experiences. In the fast-flowing river times we live in, I get more and more questions from folks who never before had a shamanic experience so I share my own perspective about that here, nothing more. It may be helpful to also read a previous post to read my own idea of what a shaman is and how shamanistic experience happened for me.

Spiritual Acceleration Questions:
I am curious to know how you came to have a shamanic experience. Was there a rite-of-passage which you were indoctrinated through? Did some individuals help to bring you to the experience?

Do you find that when you have a shamanic experience, that some people are drawn towards you as if pulled, like you too can open them up to see their potential? How long have you been inducing shamanic experiences, and how many experiences have you had?

I have alot of questions, sorry if I seem to be plaguing you, but I do not quite know what to make of my own experiences yet, and am doing alot of research about it.

Healing Facilitation Response:

I’ve had several shamanic experiences. For me, the rite-of-passage was not some official training or indoctrination but rather a very personal journey toward awakening and expansion. Individuals along the way most definitely assisted me in exploring other realms though, again, not in a direct way.

In other words, I never went to a Medicine Man and asked to be trained in shamanic ways or led in shamanic ceremony. All the same, the training came and the ceremony occurred due to a vibrational resonance between myself and different other spiritual beings along my path.

Yes, having a shamanic experience changed the way people reacted to me. Because I was expanded afterwards, and aware on new levels, some were curious and drawn while others were fearful and wished not to be seen from the awareness level that resulted from my experiences.

I would say the experiences that I personally consider shamanic began in 1993 and I could probably count on one hand the truly transformational moments. I wrote about a couple of those in my spiritual acceleration handbook – MLV Ebook, which I used to offer til the time for it’s message had passed.

I also wrote about two shamanistic experiences online. One occurred quite simply when I held an artifact, a Pipe I consider a Sacred Holding Vessel. The other occurred during a spiritual ceremony where I was supporting two SunMoon Dancers.

I understand the desire to research and understand. However, I would encourage inner exploration over outer research. Ask daily in meditation and before going to sleep for the wisdom to walk into whatever transformed state your experiences have come to lead you into and observe what is different in each new day.

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