Tom Hanks on Writing People Off

Tom Hanks on Life
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by Neva J. Howell
Is it cold-hearted to write people off?

I watched an interview with Tom Hanks a while back … sorry, don’t remember which show. In the interview, the woman interviewing Hanks said something about how likeable he was and that everybody liked Tom Hanks. He made a joke about there being contracts out on him or something …. I’m paraphrasing terribly to get to the line that matter most to me but she then asked if Tom wanted to be liked by everyone?

Hanks said maybe when he was younger. Then he said that 80 percent of people are …. well good or something to that effect and that the other 20 percent were … something to indicate not good. Tom Hanks then talked about how sometimes he wrote people off. Then, came the words that made goosebumps on my arms.

I heard Tom Hanks say “Believe it or not, there are people you should write off.”

Any other time in my life, I may have heard that differently. This time, I saw a gridline of vibrational truth to what he was saying that was neither selfish, callous or uncaring. For me, what I took from those words, was that what I have been doing in my own life is an act of compassion more than an act of self-service. I saw the writing people off might be right action, spiritually speaking.

I have been recognizing when the gridline of consciousness is so vastly different with some people that I know we are walking in different realities in every practical sense. For me, “writing them off” means I will walk away and walk my own way and allow them the same freedom and that I will love them, oh, how I’ll love them and whatever space they hold in their own path and journey. I will love them without needing to walk beside them or needing to have them see me in any particular way and without needing to see them any particular way.

I also see the “writing them off” analogy coming in appropriately at such times that a relationship is simply complete. Each has gotten what they came to learn or experience from the other and there is no need for drama or angst. It’s like closing a door after you’ve left a room. And, of course, it’s totally appropriate in my world to write people off who are abusive, disrespectful or unaccepting of me. Right action to terminate the agreement to be friends rather than allow such a thing. Writing people off … sometimes, it’s the right thing to do.

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