Grieving and Loss of Joy

What I Do When I Feel I’ve Gotten Away From My Own Joy Center

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by Neva J. Howell

Grief and Joy Challenges

I got an email from a friend who is facing challenging life changes. The end of a highly significant relationship plus a spiritual urging to go on a very challenging journey had my friend at the point where they were feeling “pushed to go forward” while grieving and also while feeling that the very push toward whatever was waiting at the end of their journey was pulling them out of their joy. In part, here is what I shared with my friend:

Something that’s been helpful for me is to love myself no matter what I appear to be doing. In other words, when I’m pushing toward something in such a way that I am out of joy, if I can wrap my etheric arms around myself and say that’s ok. That’s just what you are doing right now, it’s ok. Seems like that calms my energy field more than trying to slow down when I feel like pushing and trying to get back into joy when I feel I’ve moved out of it.

Same with grieving. There was a point when my 7-year spiritual relationship ended that all I did was cry. To begin with, everything in me resisted this because it felt as if I would die should I not resist the feeling with all my might. At some point, I said it was ok. It was even ok if I did, in fact, die of grief. I sank into it and let it be what it was and … seems like … that is what helped me shift. Paradox, I know.

Disclaimer: I’m well aware that grief may reach a point where intervention and mental health guidance may be needed. I am not suggesting that anyone ignore any situation where they may be clinically depressed and need medical evaluation. For me, every physical and emotional challenge has a spiritual basis and if I can come from a higher space with it, that works for me. It is my path.

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