A Passionate Exchange

Is it my passion or theirs I’m feeling?

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by Neva J. Howell

Holding My Own Center in the Midst of a Passionate Exchange

Met someone flowing over with information and passionate about it …. saw how that could overwhelm or infuse energy to me, depending on how I received it.

I had to inhabit space with this person carefully. I could feel the sense of their own passion and there was something in it that was a push, an unconscious manipulation. It was a remarkable exchange and taught me a great deal about the difference between truly appreciating and being inspired by the passion of another and being sort of blinded by it and caught up in something that really wasn’t mine.

I am learning that passion often comes wrapped in agenda and when people share it, it’s not to share it so much as to recruit or convert or influence in some way. Whether it’s conscious or unconscious manipulation, the result is the same. I start feeling anxiety and some sort of need to back away, often a puzzling need because, on the surface, they are just telling me about something that means a lot to them. I’m learning to trust the subtle cues such as body language that invades my personal space and any feeling of tightness in my gut.

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