Walking on Eggshells No More

>Walking my Talk has Consequences

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by Neva J. Howell

No Walking on Eggshells for this Gal!

I refuse to walk on eggshells in my expression. What is only a decision to be myself is often construed as something else. It is what it is.

Walking my talk requires that I extend that same freedom of expression to everyone, even those who misunderstand me and see me in a light that is not where I’m really coming from … maybe especially to those.

For me, this freedom of expression does not extend to allowing abuse. I’m not referring to that sort of situation. The person who would be abusive still remains free to feel that way … somewhere else.

For me, walking on eggshells means I feel a need to monitor and even edit, to spare someone else misunderstanding my meaning. That feeling of careful speech with anyone significant is not, for me, conducive to a mutually healthy relationship.

Let the chips fall where they may — no walking on eggshells for this gal.

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