When is a symptom not a symptom?

The Symptoms of Not Having Symptoms
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by Neva J. Howell unless otherwise noted

Entering the Un-Symptom Age of Enlightenment

I had a conversation with one of my closest friends today. Her name is Susan Grace and I’ve blogged about her adventuresome Spirit often on the blog. She called to see if I would play with her. I said yes. She began talking about these symptoms we’ve both been experiencing and what to call them.

The word “Symptom” itself felt like old language to Susan, and also to me. Oh, how we have chronicled our symptoms. Like almost everyone else I know who is spiritually aware, hearing from others that they also were experiencing things like nausea, unexplained fatique, hypersensitivity, headaches and other symptoms of spiritual acceleration was reassuring and comforting. It felt important to know I was not alone in what were sometimes very bizarre symptoms, including some that would have sent most to the emergency room in the middle of the night.

Susan was wanting to play with what is happening now among those of us who, in the past, called ourselves lightworkers or healers. The absence of symptoms, appearing as symptoms.

We played and had fun and then I said well, maybe they are un-symptoms because, after all, hasn’t a lot of what we’ve been doing removing the veils of illusion and what we thought we knew or what we believed we were here to accomplish?

If it’s no longer a symptom of acceleration though, then what about these sensations we’re experiencing now…..

Susan spoke of feeling distanced or detached from the joy she clearly sees in herself (at least, that’s what I took away from her words on the subject). She wondered at how detached she felt from the joy that bubbles out to everyone who crosses her path … joy that is undeniably springing from an awakened, aware space within her … we both spoke of this feeling that something was wrong even though we both know nothing is wrong at all.

For myself, the un-symptom is irritation. At nothing, at anything that feels unconnected to my joy and bliss. It is startling how many moments in one day still feel that way to me, unconnected from my joy and bliss. I think it is not that there are more moments that are unconnected; rather, I believe I am at a space where any disconnection is magnified and intensified to an absurd, almost comical degree.

Echos, pretend symptoms, a mind trying to play a game that is over. If these irritation un-symptoms were happening to anyone else, I’d think it was funny. Ha, not so much when it’s me that’s experiencing them almost every hour lately. However, I now realize that anything I’m experiencing now is not a symptom of acceleration because I’m where and who I came to be. It is done.

Does that mean I stop exploring my potential as an optimal human, or having an optimal experience for good in this lifetime? Of course not. It means I AM aware of who I AM. After that, it’s all just playing.

Thanks to Susan for initiating this stimulating conversation.

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