Do Parallel Dimensions Exist?

Tripping the Light Fantastic Into Parallel Dimensions

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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

Exploring Alternate Realities, Close Enough to Touch

My whole life I’ve seen an alternate realities all around me …. for me, awakening has been in large part about exploring how to make those leaps to them. Not easy for me since my mind tells me that time, physical reality and other aspects of the 3-d reality where most of us are living, are real.

Not only does my experience so far tell me these things are real; it also tells me that ignoring them will end in my death. For example, there may well be another road on a parallel dimension, right next to the road I’m driving on in 3-d. However, everything in me says you better stay on the road your on or you’ll die. That’s probably true if fear or doubt is present when the other road is chosen.

Enjoyed Morgan Freeman last night in a show called Through the Wormhole. There was a moment when he talked about parallel dimensions and they did a special effect where there was another Morgan superimposed on the screen, just millimeters from the one I’d been watching.

Morgan Freeman asked “what if” there was another dimension just a tad away, almost on top of you so to speak … it wasn’t a “what if” moment for me but an affirmation of what I’ve always known.

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