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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
Discovering that Part of me was Somewhere Else

It was a very spiritually potent day for me when I realized I could literally remove DNA fragments from events, from my body, and remove my DNA trail from places I no longer needed or wanted to remember. Helped me bring more of me to myself and release the past so that it did not need to be remembered.

I AM all that which I’ve experienced and memory is a choice for me now.

I choose to remember what brings me joy.

Like anything else I post here or elsewhere, my path and no other. Not an instruction to anyone else, just a gift of a spiritually powerful choice that works for me.

How did I do this?

I remember the day … I was remembering places I’d experienced less than joy and I saw that a fragment of my DNA was still in those places … and attached to the DNA in me. I called the DNA fragments out of those places (I had to be through with them to do this — if any part of me still wanted to go back and try again or wanted to nurse wounds incurred there, I could not retrieve the DNA fragments) and asked that it be cleansed and released into the world as light. I called back to myself only those moments that enriched, created value and joy in me.

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