The Luminous Egg

Repairing the Auric Field Thru Intention
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by Neva J. Howell
Luminous Egg Fracture and Repair

I first heard the term “luminous egg” I think from a Carlos Castenadas book….maybe somewhere else. Anyway, it matched what I sensed and saw … that there is an egg-shaped sort of light body around the physical body and that this energy light cushion is the void of creation for the being.

If it is strong and cohesive, the person is centered and able to be in touch with their own inner guidance and gifts. When it is fractured, dull or has energetic holes in it, the person’s energy is leaking out and confusion or chaos, and eventually ill health, results.

I woke this morning feeling that the luminous egg around me was not cohesive and strong. I feel this to be caused by every decision made yesterday that was not in alignment with love and joy. Luckily, the auric field responds to attention so I am stabilizing the light cushion this morning.

Having a strong luminous egg, for me, is less a protection and more an activating presence. For me, having energetic boundaries is not about keeping anything or anyone out. It does require that anything coming in have certain Divine qualities thus filtering or transforming what would cause harm to the whole.

If you’d like to learn more about energetic holes in the luminous egg, I recommend the books by Carlos Castanedas.

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