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Reputable Company Now Offering Master Mineral Supplement

I tried MMS a few years ago. It was called Miracle Mineral Supplement back then, based on so many user reports of health benefits. I am certain the name was changed to avoid any issues about “claiming to cure”. It is now called Master Mineral Supplement. Since I first tried MMS, I’ve kept it in my holistic first aid kit as an indispensable item.

Recently, MMS got a little hard to find for a while due to FDA pressure. I have been searching for a company that still carries it and in the correct recipe that Jim Humble suggests. After seeing Keavy’s Corner on the list of authorized distributors of the Jim Humble formula, I’ve decided that this company is ok to recommend, for those who might be looking for a way to buy Master Mineral Supplement online. Their MMS formula does not contain heavy metals or sodium chlorate.

If you want to buy Jim Humble’s online, I suggest reading my series on MMS side effects and cautions as well as a link to some information on why the FDA wants to ban MMS.

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