My New Way of Making Choices

The challenge of choosing without choosing; walking in joy and love exploration
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
When Is A Choice Not A Choice?

The old way ….

I must consider options, I must plan, I must have goals, I must create, I must manifest the reality I desire ….

My new way … I trust.

Is the choice full of joy and love?

In the new way, the way that has become possible now due to all the past efforts of light workers everywhere, I see that it is possible to live life relaxing into the flow of the fast flowing river and letting it take me where I am meant to be.


Easy to say;
hard to do,
at least in this now,
and for me.

I’m discovering that the moment,
the very instant,
I introduce personal agenda
into any choice or decision,
the ability to allow optimal unfolding
of my future in joy and love disappears.

Bears repeating ….

The moment
The very instant
I introduce personal agenda
into any choice or decision
The ability to allow optimal unfolding
of my future in joy and love

Any choice I consider making that has the slightest hint of “this is what is in it for me; this will be good, for me; this will be good, for them; this will be …..” derails something so amazingly superior that I stand in awe of it at the same time that I stand in a great deal of frustration because of it.

I still want to be in charge and yet I see that I never was; that something bigger than the part of me I’m observing, the part that wants whatever decision I make to (at the very base of it) have something in it for me, or something in it for someone else is from the old way.


Really? That’s not worked out so well. Why continue an old way of living when it never has served the BIG ME so well.

I now see personal agenda as a subtle form of manipulation; a using other people. Those are harsh words. They may offend. They may spark debate, to which I will not respond.

I now see that, if I were willing to let a strong sense of joy and love only to guide whatever choices I make, there would be only one choice at any given time.

If I could choose strictly on the level of joy and love I feel toward a choice, without letting my mind talk to me at all about how it may or may not help me, may or may not help someone else, may or may not propel me toward some optimal future, how it may or may not be hard for me or uncomfortable for me, etc. I’d be free.

I want to be free.

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