Energetic Responsibility

Yep, my energetic choices created my reality yesterday
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Backtracking to the Point of Creation

Yesterday was a lovely day.

I was able, almost all day, to enjoy this new way of being that I’ve blogged about, and to see light, joy, fun, grace and ease out-picture in my immediate environment.

Then, near the end of the day, everything shifted and discordant energies appeared. I spent a very uncomfortable hour dealing with this and then went home to a conversation about money woes, and then went to bed.

I could not sleep — big surprise there, right?

It wasn’t until I tuned in to the events and backtracked about an hour before all the negative and chaotic energies appeared that I saw who shifted everything … it was me.

I had two moments of doubt, fear and mistrust.

I see the energy of those two moments, how they impacted the people I was projecting these vibrations upon and how that vibrational energy rippled out into the hall and drew what followed after.

Once I saw this, I drifted into sleep.

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