Healing and Taking on pain

When a Healer Takes On Pain for Someone
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The following is a question I received, about a spiritual topic. I may have removed personal information so that the post appears annonymous.

Spiritual Healing Question submitted to Healthy Choices Wellness Blog:
I am in a relationship with a man who has a gift in his hands. His hands will find and pull out dis-ease and pain. It is just a natural thing that happens when he touches someone he loves. The problem is, it makes him feel my pain instead of me. We are looking for some ritual or method by which he can discharge the bad energies that he pulls out of others instead of integrating them into himself, which is what is apparently happening.

It’s very odd – a couple of days ago he pulled something really yukky out of me (quite sure it was a psychological/emotional ‘something really yukky) because I was feeling extreme happiness but he was having pain and trying to throw up. He ingested what he took from me and could not get rid of it. Can you recommend something for him to study that could help him learn to expel bad energies pulls from others? Thanks

Healing Facilitation Response:

I used to have many of the same symptoms you describe, when I healing work. Things changed for me when I realized that, as a healing facilitator, I needed and deserved to keep 100 percent of my energy for my own body healing and emotional clearing. This was not happening for any number of reasons:

1. Sometimes, I recognized I was using personal energy, my own personal energy units and healing aura, rather than letting the impersonal frequencies of God flow thru me.

2. Sometimes, I saw how I got emotionally entangled with the information that was present in the body, mind or Spirit of the person with whom I was doing healing facilitation work. This was usually because I was close to the person and had already a natural empathy for their suffering. I’ve learned that really isn’t a helpful vibration.

Empathy opens the heart. When it’s time to stand in the position of the healer, it’s bigger than the heart chakra or empathy. If I stay emotionally empathetic at the level of my own awareness, then I’m in a position where I have ideas or judgments or a need to push or pull energy. It’s better to release that and be in a very neutral space when holding Sacred Space for a person to do their own healing.

3. Other times, I realized I had attachment to outcome, which further entangled my personal energy field rather than allowing me simply to be a vessel thru which energy came and went.

4. And at times, I understood that the pain or trauma was lodging in me because there was some unresolved or unhealed issue in me, that held a similar vibration to whatever was being released by the person on the table.

Once I realized that I had absolutely nothing to do with whatever happened, and I was able to let a person stay in pain if that was what was in their highest good at a soul level, these sorts of traumatic taking on of pain episodes cleared. I had to release the need to see the person freed of the pain (even if I pulled it out at my own expense, this would only result in a temporary sense of ease for the other person anyway.

Occasionally, I will still feel the pain running thru my body as it leaves. It doesn’t stick. Now, it just flows on out thru the feet and into the earth or I see it just flowing like water and then it’s gone. One technique I’ve always used, and one was told is an ancient shamanic technique, is to clear the energetic field with the breath. When I sense something rising thru the cellular tissue to be release, I breath it in with my breath and then breath it out with the intention that it transform to light.

Until letting things flow thru without attachment became automatic to me, I additionally cleared after every healing session by rinsing both hands and arms 10 times with water and by scanning down my body with my hands to my feet and then back up to above my head, with intention of releasing any stagnant energies to Mother Earth and Father Sky.

I hope this is helpful and thanks for your question.

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