The Dream of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening, Dreams, What If’s
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
What if we were already awake?

I considered going back to sleep for the rest of this incarnation. I’m still considering it as well as pondering whether I was ever awake to begin with or whether I was always awake and dreaming I (and the planet) were asleep.

This spawned a number of questions … which I’ve been posting on my fb wall.

What if I just “think” I woke up to anything?

What if spiritual awakening may just be another very cleverly disguised ego trip of dreaming.

What if those of us who think we are awake may have been dreaming the impossible dream. That’s a new thought for me. If it’s a pipe dream, why not go back to sleep.

What if the very most awakened souls among us are simply dreaming a different dream? Whose to say which dream is real and does it matter?

I suppose, as dreams go, having a dream of global peace and harmony is one worth staying asleep for … or could we dream that we never needed a dream like that and all wake up to some new now that none of us can see from the dreamstate of making something happen?

What if thinking that a spiritual awakening must happen globally is what keeps us from seeing the planet awake?

Think global, act local? I hear this phrase a lot. Yeah, I get it on a practical level and yet …

To act on something means I have thought of acting on something. To act on something with the intent to correct an imbalance is even more of a premeditated act, stemming most often from mental calculation of a situation.

I’m sensing a way to witness life proceeding in an optimal fashion, flowing from an internally aligned source, where the mind only comes into play after action has been revealed … backwards to the way it has been happening in 3-d reality.

Perhaps it is not “I think, therefore I AM”. Perhaps it is more like “I AM and then, I AM calls on the mind”.

I was researching Mooji just now, because I want to add that to my cosmic casting office, and came upon a video, just uploaded 5 hours ago. Mooji addresses this awareness that is choiceless, the awareness I’ve had pressing in on me for days. Thank you Mooji

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