Living Choicelessly

Living Choicelessly
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted

Can we live without making choices?

I’ve been pondering a sentence spoke by Mooji, ond of my favorite speakers on matters of spirituality, in one of his recently uploaded videos on youtube. The sentence speaks to living “choicelessly”.

This way of living was in my consciousness strongly for about a week or ten days before I came across the Mooji video on “a sense of doership” and heard that one sentence within it, which served as a catalyst for more intensely concentrated exploration on this idea of living choicelessly. Thank you Mooji

This morning, what I notice in my exploration is that ….

Living choicelessly, for me, doesn’t mean nothing happens. Things happen, life moves … and choices don’t get made … instead, right action flows into the moment.

The mechanisms of analysis, logic, mind-control and personality-self manipulation of reality cease.

What is left glows and happens in flow.

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