How to make Decisions

Wondering how to make decisions from a balanced, spiritual perspective?  I’ve been wondering too….
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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
How to make decisions at a soul level

What is floating around in my consciousness these days has to do with how to make decisions in a way that allows for optimal result.

I’m coming round to a weird conclusion … the answer is not to make them, at all.

My mind doesn’t care for this answer and immediately informs the Me of me that decisions must be made and made now and made RIGHT.

What does my world look like if this simply is not true?

Would I sit on a park bench for two years, as Eckhart Tolle did? And if I did that, would it be such a bad thing? Seems like it worked out pretty well for him.

Emerging in spite of my mind, is another way … a spiritual sensing, while being in surrender and in connection to Source energy.

What if it were possible to never make a decision again, at least not in the usual way?

Here’s the hypothesis:

If I’m in alignment with and connected to Source energy (God, The Universe, etc.) would there ever be a need to actively engage the mind to weigh alternatives? Or might there only be one well-lit, energized and “in flow” choice at any given moment?

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