Is My Heart In it?

If it don’t flow, let it go

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by N J Howell unless otherwise noted
It Felt Like a Yes on Almost Every Level …

I was recently selected to attend a spiritually tranformative event that I felt strong vibrational resonance with on many levels. On the surface, there was really nothing to question or doubt. It appeared this was in alignment with me on so many levels that it must be right.

Yet, I found myself unable to state my commitment to come.

As I struggled, I called one of my most treasured friends on the planet, and one of the clearest beings I know, to stand in strong presence for me as I looked at why I was feeling so struck.

That friend was Susan Grace, whom some of you may remember from back when I was sharing about her dancing around the planet with one of her most treasured friends, Olivier.

Susan asked a question about why I felt I should go and after my answer, commented that she didn’t hear heart in it. As soon as she said it, I felt it. Not that I don’t have heart toward this organization and their mission. I do. It was that my heart, the part that guides me to whatever response and action is most in alignment with optimal good for all, was not saying Yes to this opportunity. My mind was full of yes, logical yes, yes, yes.

It was vital to see that distinction.

The other thing that Susan said was that when she was stuck, once before, she only realized in hindsight that there was missing information. Those two words reverberated and felt my body relax into bliss. Yes. There is missing information, which will eventually show why this experience was not for me at this time. As things line up so quickly now, it is often that the day after something feels solid and a good direction, new information appears that fluxes the entire “plan” out the cosmic window.

Thank you Susan.

She has recently written a delightful book about some of her soul journey. The book may strike a chord with those on a conscious spiritual path. It’s called Where Do I Belong?

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